Prime Dress Designs

Skirt Measurement Form


    (Please note that your dance school may not offer all of these options. Talk to your teacher and see what you should be ordering)
  • Refer to image 1 (smallest part of waist)
  • Refer to Image 2 (4" below the waist)
  • Refer to Image 3 (fullest part of the buttocks)
  • Refer to Image 4 (measure from waist to length)
  • Refer to Image 5 (measure around wrist at the wrist bone)
  • Measure the circumference around the entirety of the torso. This is the most important measurement for determining the leotard size.
  • Check with your teacher/costume coordinator to see a size chart or whether they have 'fit leotards' available to help you determine the proper leotard size.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Image 1 – Smallest part of waist

Image 2 – 4″ below the waist

Image 3 – Fullest part of the buttocks

Image 4 – Measure from waist to length

Image 5 – Measure around circumference at the wrist bone