Steps to ordering your school costume


Step 1 – Ask Dance Teacher

Ask your dance teacher or costume coordinator when your next school order is taking place. We will be in contact with your school to reserve a completion date and deadline for getting measurements in.

Step 2 – Policy/Pricing Paperwork

Your dance teacher/costume coordinator has paperwork specific to your dance school with information about your school costumes. It includes the cost of the garment[s], the deposit amount, and our policies. Talk to your teacher about which costume you should be ordering.

Step 3 – Measurements

Your dance teacher will let you know a deadline to get your garment measurements in. You will submit your measurements by going to the “Measuring” page on our website (located under the “ORDERING” tab). Please select the appropriate measurement form for the garment you are ordering. We have images to guide you along in the measurement process. Some measurements require photos of specific measurements so we can double check some of the critical measurements that are taken. Please make sure the photos are taken head on and are clear! You will receive a copy of your measurements in your email. Please save these for your records.

Step 4 – Deposit Payment

After you have submitted your measurements, proceed to our “Payments” tab to make your non-refundable deposit. We accept credit card payments. You will receive a receipt in your email. Please save this for your records. If need be, you may send us a check in the mail.

***make sure you submit your measurements and deposit by the deadline date your dance teacher gives you. Late orders will delay your school’s completion date or will not be accepted.

Step 5 – Email Confirmation

We will have your dance teacher/costume coordinator verify the final list of garments ordered.  Once we have received all the orders for your dance school, we will send you an invoice detailing your order and shipping. 

Step 6 – Production

Next, we take your dancer’s measurements and start production on your costumes. Each garment is tailored specifically to your dancer’s measurements.  (It takes approx. 2 months to complete your order from the time ALL measurements and deposits are received.)

Step 7 – Final Payments

When we are about a week and a half from completing your school costumes, we will contact your dance teacher/costume coordinator and email you with your final invoice. Once we receive all final payments, the complete school order will be shipped to your dance teacher/costume coordinator.

Step 8 – Perform

Step out, step up, and perform in your new Prime!

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