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  • Simply Prime Base Dress

  • Choose your base dress size based on the dancer's chest measurement. Remember the size for future add-on options!
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  • Bodice Embroidery

  • Choose from the bodice embroidery options available (based on bust measurement). We will be able to make slight adjustments to the design to customize it to you.
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  • Please choose your embroidery style from the images below
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  • Skirt Embroidery

  • Please choose your design from the images below. (**Remember your skirt template number for crystal options below!)
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  • Sleeve Options

    All stretch sleeves are a modern SLIM FIT sleeve made from a stretch mesh or spandex. All stretch sleeves include a finger loop.
  • Let us know your color and fabric choice as well as any questions you have.
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  • Back of Dress

    You can leave the back of the dress plain, add a simple cape, or add a pop of color. See options below

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  • Crystals

  • Small/standard crystals will match the embroidery colors, and large AB crystals will be used to fill in the embroidered crystal outlines.
  • Crystals scattered on the sleeve
  • Prime offers three options. 1.) NO CRYSTALS: you can apply them yourself 2.) FULLY BLINGED with AB Pear, AB Rivoli, and ss34 as the design calls for 3.) Small Crystals: Each crystal outline will receive an ss34 round crystal. This will achieve a nice sparkle, with a lower cost. PLEASE CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE SKIRT STYLE FOR YOUR DRESS (please refer to your skirt style number selected above).
  • Crystals applied to color pop embroidery or cape embroidery
  • Crystals scattered on the base fabric of your dress for an overall sparkle.
  • Do you have any specific crystal requests?

  • Additional Items to Include with Your Dress

    Please select any pieces you would like to add onto your order
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