Dress Measurement Form

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  • Dress Measurement Form

  • Extra seam allowance is left in the sleeve, center back, bodice side seams and drop waist for future alterations.


    You will be attaching photos while taking some of the measurements. Please make sure we can see the measuring tape in the photo and that the photos are taken STRAIGHT on like in the example photos.  Measurements requiring photos will be noted in RED. If you are having difficulties attaching the photos you can email them to info@primedressdesigns.com. Please include your dancer's name, school, and type of garment being ordered in the email.

    You MUST tape around at least the dancer's waist to improve the accuracy of your measurements.

    You MUST wear a tight shirt and shorts for measurements. No t-shirts, baggy pants, or jeans. 

    We recommend that you write the measurements down a scrap piece of paper so that if your internet connection is lost, you will still have a copy of the measurements you have already taken. Feel free to click "save and continue later" at the bottom of the page to save your progress as you go and receive an email link.


    (Some schools have options for additional pieces that accent their dress. Please select any of the items that you are ordering with the dress.)
  • Comments or notes about your order.


    If you need to order a leotard with your sleeveless dress, Please make a note in the commments section on this page what size you would like to order. If you have not received sizing from your teacher, email us at info@primedressdesigns.com for a copy.

  • (Ex. Misses 4 or Girls 10)
  • (If applicable)
  • If you answer "No"- Do not continue until you have something to mark the dancer's waist that will not move during the measurement process. If you do not have tape, you can use a marker to draw a line on the dancer's waist.